Online Team Member MML Ep 3 – Zest.mp4

FUN RUN Day 2……

Happy Team Day 2! THE WEEKEND IS HERE AND LOOKING GOOOOD!! Thank you for your help thus far with the Mansfield Fun Run!!!

After night two, here are the top classes for each grade:

Kindergarten: Cousins
1st grade: Kline
2nd grade: O’Brien
3rd grade: Margolin
4th grade: Coscia
5th grade: Baggerly
6th grade: Snyder

Challenge: The challenge for tonight is the TOP class from this weekend will get to Silly String Mr.Herner
And the weekend challenge is if you get 2ppl over the weekend you will get a bonus prize called flick football!

Online Team Member MML Ep 3 – Zest.mp4

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