Friday, March 9th 7pm
Snow Date Mar 16th

Persons interested in performing must complete this form and return it to school no later than February 5th. You can be a solo act, family act, buddy act, or class act.

All acts must attend one of the try-outs on February 20th & 21st.

See reverse side for more rules & guidelines.

Please PRINT all information and only one form per act.

Student names __________________________________________________________________________
List other participant names (if not Mansfield students) __________________________________________
Number of persons in act __________
Type of act: solo act _____ family act _____ buddy act _____ class act _____
Please provide a brief description of act (including song title): _________________________________

List equipment/props to be used and note that participants will be required to provide their own equipment with the exception of piano, mats, microphones, and CD player.

IMPORTANT: Sign-Up Genius will be used for try-out date and time preferences
to the email provided below: Please print clearly.

Name of adult completing form (act point of contact, one per act) ______________________________
Phone number _______________________ Email ________________________________________________

Spectators will be welcome to attend the show. Tickets will be available at the door for $5 per adult and children will be free but must be accompanied by an adult.


Please read REVISED rules on the back and sign below

I have read and understand the Variety Show Rules: ___________________________
Official Rules for Variety Show

1. Have FUN!


3. “Solo acts” are limited to participation by Mansfield students and faculty members only.

4. Family members or friends may participate in “family acts” and “buddy acts” as long as a Mansfield student is participating in the act.

5. Each act may be limited to 2 minutes maximum unless the act has 8 or more performers.

6. The Variety Show committee reserves the right to set time limits on all acts at the committee’s discretion.

7. All acts must be COMPLETED by try-out date.

8. Students will be limited to two acts/performances maximum (class acts are an exception; 6th grade MC’s count as a performance).

9. “Class acts” must be organized and registered by a Mansfield teacher.

10. Participants are responsible for providing their own equipment. The school will make a piano, mats, microphones and a CD player available for use.

11. All acts using music CD’s MUST leave an EDITED (such as fading) copy of their music with the committee on the day of try-outs. If you need help with editing, please let us know prior to try-out. Please clearly label your music CD with your name and song title.

12. All students and act members must try-out on either February 20th & 21st. (excluding “class acts”).

13. “Class acts” (organized by a teacher) do not need to attend try-outs. The teacher will notify the Variety Show committee of act and participant names.

14. Each act must have one adult point of contact (as noted on the registration form). The adult will be responsible for contacting all members of the act of try-out dates/times and for supplying the music CD. This person will be the committee’s one point of contact only.

15. The snow date for the show is Friday, March 16th – save this date in case we need to use it.

16. Pre-registration for try-outs is required.

If you need additional information, please contact
Kristin Marusic at [email protected] or Brenda Ghio at [email protected]

This event is sponsored by the Mansfield PTA

Registration Deadline is February 5th.!!

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