Ms. Agnor’s Kindergarten Music Class

As we wind down another school year, I wish to express what a great time I had working with Ms. Agnor’s Kindergarten class.  We had fun learning such things as Andante, Allegro, Moderato, what a quarter note, half note, and whole note look like, and how to sing and move to many, many songs.

We will end the year by singing 3 of their favorite songs from the school year and play one of their favorite instruments, the Boomwhackers.

Wishing everyone a healthy, happy and safe summer!

Mrs. Havrisko

Final notes of the 2015-2016 School Year

It has been a pleasure teaching all the instrumental music students in Grades 4,5 and 6 this year.  I have seen an amazing amount of progress and dedication this year.  The current 4th and 5th Grade instrumental music students were all given a “Lesson Intention Letter” a few weeks ago that should have been returned to me stating their intention on what they will be doing in September.

As we wind down our trip around the world, any student who has achieved 2000 points or more has successfully traveled completely “Around the World” in 180 days!  Please ask them to see their hot air balloons, which have the total number of points on the back, and their passports.  For every 500 points, they were given the opportunity to choose where they wished to travel to.

Looking forward to another great school year in 2016-2017.  Wishing everyone a safe, happy, and healthy summer.

See you in September!

Mrs. Havrisko

Spring Concert 2016


  • Dress for evening concert:  black bottom (skirt or dress pants), and white top.  Black dress shoes are recommended
  • Dress for afternoon concert:  new, blue band shirts
  • Arrival time for evening concert:  All band members should be in the Music Room between 6:20-6:30 and ready to tune.
  • All clarinet and saxophone players should have 2 good reeds at concert time.
  • All band members should have their folders and 4 concert songs which include: MARCH CEREMONIAL, MUSIC OF THE NIGHT,12 THE CLOCK STRIKES, AND CLARINETS PACKING UP EARLY
  • If you respond that you read this on my webpage, your son/daughter will receive 50 Bonus Points!
  • See you at the concert


I have introduced Class DoJo to my 6th Grade instrumental Music students over the past 2 weeks.  Why not become involved in how your son/daughter is doing in his/her instrumental music lesson on a daily or weekly basis.  I have received most of your email and/or cell phone numbers in September.  If you would like to jump aboard, please just respond to my email [email protected]) that you saw this post on my webpage and let me know if you would prefer to receive the information via email or cell phone and I will plug in the information.

Looking forward to seeing your responses and in the meantime, please ask your son/daughter about how they receive extra points each week in his/her lesson using ClassDoJo.

Have a great day!


Parent Trivia Questions for all Instrumental Music Students

OCTOBER TRIVIA:  Theme is:  Around the World in 180 Days

Interested in earning bonus points for your son/daughter?  Just send your answers to the following questions to Mrs. Havrisko via email or voicemail at 908-689-3212 X 1198.

October Questions are:

  1. What day of the week does your son/daughter have his/her instrumental music lesson?
  2. What is the capital of New Zealand?

Your name will be entered into a drawing at the end of the month for a musical prize and gift card.

Instrumental Music Notes

Some important reminders:

1) Band begins on Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2015.  Due to the early dismissal, band will be held from 12:00-12:30.  Otherwise, band takes place in the Music Room EVERY Tuesday from 2:30-3:10

2) All band students should have returned a band permission slip by now.  If not, please return them to Mrs. Havrisko as soon as possible.

3) All 6th Grade students will be receiving a “6th Grade Instrumental Music Guidelines” letter in band on Tuesday.  If you respond to my email that you saw this message on this webpage, your son/daughter will automatically receive 50 Bonus Points. ([email protected]). If your son/daughter returns this form with the information filled out in the bottom section BEFORE Back to School Night on Wednesday evening, they will receive an additional 100 Points.

4)  All 5th Grade students in band will be receiving a “Dear Parents” letter in band on Tuesday. If you respond to my email that you saw this message on the webpage, your son/daughter will automatically receive 50 Bonus Points. ([email protected]). If your son/daughter returns this form with the information filled out in the bottom section BEFORE Back to School Night on Wednesday evening, they will receive an additional 100 Points.

5)  Lessons for all beginners will begin on Monday, September 14, 15, and 16.  They will also be receiving the same letter mentioned in #4 above and the same rules apply for Bonus Points as stated in #4.


Miss Agnor’s Kindergarten Music

What a great first music class we had on Wednesday, September 9th.  It was great to see all those smiling faces! We all got to play rhythm sticks and learn how we can walk quietly in the hallways by placing our fingers on our lips and our hands on our hips.  We practiced this with a song as we marched around the classroom.  I choose one student at the end of each music class I feel deserves a green ticket and they also receive a special music ticket to bring home!  Be on the lookout for these tickets.

We will be using various percussion instruments during the school year and will get to sing and dance too!  I also introduced our puppet friend, Melody, and your children will have an opportunity to sing to him on many occasions.  At the end of each class period I love to “sing” a story to them.

Looking forward to a wonderful year with your children.

Summer Information

The school year has officially come to a close and I am already looking forward to next year!  For those beginning instrumental music in September, please mail in your rental contracts to Music and Arts by August 1, 2015 to be sure your son/daughter has his/her instrument for the first lesson in September. Rentals may also be completed online at Be sure to check off the lesson book under the accessories section.  All instruments will be delivered to Mansfield Elementary School in early September.

Lessons will begin the week of September 14, 2015. Your child will be placed in a small group lesson of like instruments and will have one 30 minute lesson per week.  It will be on a rotating schedule but will remain on the same day of the week.

May you have a marvelous, happy, and healthy summer and I am looking forward to seeing those eager, smiling faces in September.


Concert Dress: Change from previous years

Dear Parents,

All chorus and band members have been given a letter stating our new dress code for this year’s Winter Concert.  We would like to have the following:

BOYS:  Black bottoms and white top

GIRLS:  Black bottom and white top or black dress and white sweater.

No sneakers if possible please.

If your reply to Mrs. Havrisko’s email at [email protected] to inform me that you have read this post or have seen and acknowledged this new information, your son/daughter will receive 30 Bonus Points in their lessons.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Mrs. Havrisko