Happy November!

We had so much fun last week celebrating Halloween and participating in the Boosterthon Fun Run! Now we are busy reviewing all of the letters and sight words we have learned so far. This is a short week, so there will be no new sight words or letters this week. Please continue to review the letters we have learned so far: Mm, Aa, Ss, Pp, and Tt. Please continue to work with your child on our seven sight words: I, can, see, the, a, we, and like. In math we are continuing in Chapter 3, learning about the numbers 6, 7, 8 and 9. In science we are studying living things. Please send in your decorated turkey feather if you have not done so already. Our turkeys look beautiful in the hallway! Let’s have another great week!

Halloween Fun!

We will be celebrating Halloween on Wednesday! Our annual Halloween Parade will begin at 1:45. I hope to see you there! We will be having a party in our classroom after the parade. 🙂 In “Wonders” we just finished a unit on tools, and this week we will be learning about shapes. The children are enjoying writing simple sentences in their journals using the sight words we have learned so far. In math, we just finished Chapter 2, comparing numbers from 0-5. This week we are jumping into Chapter 3, learning about the numbers 6, 7, 8 and 9. In science we started our Life Science unit. We learned about living and non-living things. Let’s have another wonderful week!

Moving Right Along!

Things are going very smoothly in room 10! We just finished a unit on friends in our “Wonders” series, and this week we will be learning about animals and how they move. In math, we finished Chapter 1 and are moving on to Chapter 2, “Comparing Numbers to 5”. In Science, we are still working on the introductory lessons, and after our zoo trip we will be jumping into Life Science. 🙂 Let’s have another great week!


We are beginning October already! The children are settling in nicely and things are running very smoothly in Room 10! I just updated our Word Rings for this week. Our new sight word is “the” and the students will be bringing them home on Monday. Please return the rings on Friday so I can update them again. 🙂 We will be starting Unit 1 in our “Wonders” series this week. We will be finishing our first chapter in Math on the numbers 0 – 5. The children will take their first Math test on Friday. In Science, we are doing an overview about what science is and what scientists do. The children are enjoying working in their science notebooks! 🙂 Let’s have another fantastic week!

We Are Off and Running!

We are settling into a wonderful new school year! The children are adjusting well and are learning the ropes of kindergarten at Mansfield! Last week we sent home our Word Rings for the first time. So far we are working on “I” and “can”. We also started our math lessons and the students had their first two homework assignments. In English Language Arts we are doing an overview of the alphabet, nursery rhymes and stories about belonging and families. This week we will complete our overview, and next week we will start unit 1 in our “Wonders” series. We also had our first science lesson on Friday, and designed the front covers of our science notebooks! Let’s keep up all of the great work!:)


I am so excited to be starting another brand new year of kindergarten! We will be learning so many wonderful things this year. In English Language Arts we will be reading poetry, trade books and big books. We will be exploring nursery rhymes and fairy tales and will enjoy writing sentences to express ourselves. We will also spend a lot of time practicing our speaking and listening skills, and working on mastering the alphabet. 🙂 In math we will explore the numbers from 0 – 30, and will learn all about shapes and sorting. We will work on beginning addition and subtraction, and have some fun with counting all the way up to 100! In science, we will be keeping a science notebook and will be observing the world around us. We will learn about weather, pushes and pulls, how the sun warms the Earth, and plants and animals. I am looking forward to meeting you very soon!

Variety Show!

Our class will be performing in a joint kindergarten act with Mrs. Fontana’s class during the Variety Show on Friday March 9th! We will be singing the alphabet song, “A You’re Adorable.” We are hoping to be the first act in the show, so after our class performs, you can pick up your child in our classroom (room 10) and enjoy the rest of the show! Please have your child wear jeans and any colored t-shirt for our performance. My daughter Annabel, who is a high school sophomore at Warren Tech will be accompanying us on the piano. I will be sending home a more detailed note on Monday – it was all set to go home today, but I just wanted to give you a full week’s notice. If your child cannot perform with us on March 9th, our class will put be putting on a class show in our classroom in June, and I will be sure to include “A You’re Adorable” in our class show. 🙂 Have a wonderful long weekend!


Welcome to kindergarten and a brand new year here at Mansfield! We have so many fun things to do and learn this year. We will begin with learning about our letters, the alphabet, and our numbers. We will be reading big books, poems, trade books and songs. We will be learning sight words and how to express our thoughts and feelings through our writing and illustrations. We will also be exploring different concepts in science each week. At the end of each day, I will provide a free choice time so the children can play and interact with each other. I will be encouraging lots of verbal communication between the students this year, and I will be ensuring that the children are comfortable sharing their ideas with the rest of the class. Our classroom is a warm, peaceful, nurturing environment where all of the children can thrive and grow academically and socially. Let’s have a wonderful year together!

Fairy Tales!

We have been very busy exploring fairy tales during the last few weeks of school. We have been reading and acting out some of the stories. The children especially enjoyed “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”, “Little Red Riding Hood” and “The Three Billy Goats Gruff.” This week we will be acting out “The Three Little Pigs.” By the end of this week, all of the students will have had the opportunity to act out a role in a fairy tale. We had a lot of fun last week “trip-trapping” over the bridge as the billy goats! We have been doing a lot of writing about the stories, and this week our “Red Riding Hood” writing will be hanging in our hallway. 🙂 In math, we will be finishing up Chapter 8 this week, which is all about numbers beyond 20. The children love the 50 and 100 charts! Let’s have another fantastic week!

Our Five Senses!

This week we will be exploring our five senses and learning how we use our senses during this special time of the year. We will be discussing holiday sights, sounds, scents, food, and textures. We will be enjoying holiday stories, poems and songs. We will be reading trade books and writing in our journals about our five senses during the holidays. in math we will be starting chapter 4, which is all about the number ten. Let’s have another great week!